Sushi Dice – Review in English #04

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by Henri Kermarrec
Sit Down! / Asmodee (2014)

Ages: 6 and up
Number of players: 2-6
Playing time: approx. 15 Min.

Price: approx. 15,00 €

+ Funny party or kids game
+ Non-stop-action for two players
+ Very thematic for such a small game
– Special „Chop-Rule“ for more than two players doesn’t work well

CRON 6/10
+ Funny, fast and hectic dice game
+ The bell is a cool gimmick
+ Rules can be explained in 30 seconds
+ Yuck rule makes every situation nerve wrecking
– For more than two players you have to wait and watch a lot
– On the long run too simple

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